Penny's Puppet Productions wants you and your family to leave the puppet show feeling inspired to create your own puppet shows at home. We have a wide variety from big to small from finger puppets starting at $1.00 to more expensive long lasting Folkmanis Puppets. Let the Puppet shows begin!


$5.00 Each guest, 

Under 1 year of age free.

What: ​ Penny's Puppet Productions will perform a 40-45min puppet show.  All my shows are original mini-musicals. Each show I create is designed to inspire the audience to participate, to interact with the story.  Penny's live performances use puppets, story, and song to inspire and entertain children of all ages. Penny is a Professional storyteller who specializes in puppet shows for kids.

​A fun puppet show can make children forget they are being taught a lesson! As a puppeteer for over 15 years, Penny is passionate about using puppet shows to educate children through entertainment. Penny has a master's degree in early education, which gives her a unique understanding of children's educational needs. By combining her knowledge with her love for puppets, she is able to bring education through entertainment to young audiences around the country with stories, song, and humor

Next Show: 

January 27: Fox and Rabbit -It's wintertime in the meadow, food is scarce and all of the animals are gathering food before the next winter storm. Mrs. Rabbit is out in the middle of the meadow when Fox sneaks up and startles her. The chase is on. Enjoy the winter scenes and animals friends along the way in this original mini musical by Penny's Puppet Productions.


tickets here: http://penyyspuppets1.bpt.me/

(or at the door)

March 31: Super Hero Machine

April 7:  The Three Little Pigs and the Huffy Puffy Wolf

Please Note: The above pictures do not include any from the Fremont theater. (They are from our home last year at the Alberta abbey.)

The Fremont theater has a capacity of 100. Children are invited to come and sit on the floor next to the stage. There are chairs and booths for the grown ups.

When: All Shows start at 10:30am. Doors open at 10:00 am

​Doors open at 10am and so does the fun. Penny makes sure there are puppets and books to play and look at while you wait for the show. Let the Fun begin