As a performer I am involved and various other projects that sometimes include puppets and sometimes not.

These other projects range in age appropriateness from working with toddlers to working in retirement communities, to performing an evening show in a grownup setting.

All of my projects involve story and the importance of connecting and sharing our commonalities as humans. Stories connect us and everyone has a life story to tell and a need to share our living life story.

In the Spirit of Storytelling I am excited to share my stories and grow personally as a performance artist.

Below you will find descriptions and links to this other facet of my career.

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Portland Story Theater

Welcome to Portland Story Theater!
"Portland Story Theater is the local leader in the resurgence of this ageless performance form — a single person spinning a yarn, holding a roomful of listeners rapt." The Oregonian

What We're About

Portland Story Theater believes that everyone has a story to tell.

Our work gives voice to the true stories of ordinary people, preserving and promoting the practice of the oral tradition in a way that enriches contemporary life, boosting the confidence of people to be vulnerable and present in ways that are crucial to the full expression of our humanity.

When people hear each other’s real, true stories, it leads to learning, empathy, and positive change.

Portland Story Theater makes stories provocative, inspiring, and accessible to everyone, young and old, of all social backgrounds, and ethnicities.

We build community through story. Our vision is to enrich, inspire, challenge and expand our community narrative, one story at a time.​

Columbia Association of Puppeteers

Welcome to the Columbia Association of PuppeteersA Chartered Guild of the Puppeteers of America proudly serving Oregon and Southwestern Washington since 1975

CAP Mission Statement: To bring together all persons interested in puppetry to share experiences, skills and resources, to promote excellence in puppetry and to enhance its public image as a performing art and an educational tool.

Other Projects