$250.00 each show
If you book more then 2 shows same place same day price breaks available

​Plus Expenses:
Mileage (outside the Portland Metro area)
​Lodging, if required

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Summer 2018- The Puppet Town Musicians

-Penny puts her twist on the traditional German folk tale of the Bremen town Musicians-

Penny’s Lovable puppets want to begin new lives. They have grown older and feel useless at the farm.  Donkey wants to sing instead of carry heavy loads, D-O-G no longer wants to chase sheep but would prefer to play his rocking guitar, Puss and Boots wants to retire from hunting mice and would rather chase his dream of becoming famous and Mother Goose who's grown forgetful and forgotten wants to put a fresh spin on her lyrics.  They all decide to leave the country life together and head towards “Puppet Town”  to create a band. Enjoy this original musical puppet production where music and friendship shine through. You are never too old to make new friends.

"Where to begin about Penny’s Puppet productions? I could just describe her skill and narrative composition as brilliant, but how about instead I put it like this. My first Youth Service Library job was back in 1996. In the twenty years since then I have seen many, many puppet shows. In my opinion she remains, simply the best. Book her now you will definitely be happy you did."

Will Worthey
(Library Director North Plains Public Library)


Library Shows:

All current shows are available for performance at libraries (over 50 titles to choose from). Penny also creates custom shows that fit national library themes, celebrate the change in seasons, and deliver family fun!

"Penny's show is one kids will remember, it's a great use of their time and a worthwhile investment during tight budgets, you get a lot of joy for your buck!"
Janet Rackleff - Yachats Pubic Library, OR

"An inventive, interactive, puppet musical! The educational element is particular to each show, playfully threaded throughout and the energy and generosity of the performer (plenty of time after the show for kids to meet the puppets) Penny has really added thoughtfulness to the content and has variety of topics available with a huge array of original songs.
​Claire, Eugene Public Library, OR