Make it Special!

Let Penny's Puppet Productions make your special one’s birthday an extraordinary event! Our imaginative and interactive shows take the audience on a musical journey full of fun and laughter.

Believe in a world where anything can happen
​(and usually does)!

"Penny really knows how to draw in her audience. Even though I consider myself an adult, I became engrossed/enthralled with the puppets and story. I got lost in the story (in a good way). It was a children's production but I thoroughly enjoyed it! She really knows how to draw in the audience in a delightful way and make them part of the show​ -Kerry- (Mom) 

"You were such a hit! The kids were all so enthralled and so into the whole thing! Down by the Bay was a
​perfect surprise--how'd you know that was Ryder's favorite song?!?"

Thanks again, Samantha

Super Hero Machine: (45mins, Kindy, Elementary, Family) 

The Shows choices

Shows include:

  • a meet-and-greet where Penny introduces herself and the puppet show experience (3-5 minutes)
  • the puppet performance (30-40 minutes)
  • ​​a mix-and-mingle session with the puppets who appeared in the show (5-10 minutes)


Birthday parties are a special time for children; they are in such a hurry to grow up, they look in anticipation to that magical day. Birthday parties often celebrate that event with family and friends, fun activities, and tasty treats. Why not add a puppet show to maximize the fun and create a unique experience for all your guests?

​Penny's Puppet shows utilize audience participation, instill a love of music and language, and stimulate the imagination. They naturally support emotional development, improve listening skills, and develop awareness of and appreciation for the similarities in all people (and puppets).

Where? (your home or space you rent)

Penny will bring her traveling puppet stage to your party along with everything else she needs for the full puppet show experience. Her travel stage measures 3 ½ by 4 feet (or a large office desk). An electrical outlet is necessary and Penny will bring an extension cord. Most homes can comfortably fit the stage in front of a fire place, but  the best location will include plenty of room for guests.       Downloadable Stage Dimensions (most birthdays use the small stage)


Typical length for a child’s birthday party is one to two hours. The puppet show should be scheduled approximately 30 minutes into your event; this allows time for your guests to arrive, get acquainted and visit prior to the show. Some families plan a craft (i.e. making puppets, hats or masks) prior to the pup-pet show as the children arrive. Other families let the children play and do big movement activities. It all depends on your individual needs and tastes. Puppet show performance lengths vary between 30-45 minutes.

Don’t forget to mention the pup-pet show start time on your invitations--this encourages your guests to arrive prior to the start of the show so no one misses the fun.

Things to keep in Mind:

This is a children’s birthday party, in order for everyone to have the best time performances work best when kids AND grown-ups participate in the fun! These shows are intended to be fun for all and interactive, having your child see an adult enjoying, interacting, and Role modeling makes the experience even more memorable. I require that at least 2 adults stay in the room with me but prefer more. I also ask that those adults who want to use their Cell phones or chat and catch up during the show go in another room so there is less distraction for us all. All in the name of Fun!

Birthday Parties

Cost- If on a card

Cost For Birthday Party: Includes $7.00 service fee

1 to 25 kids $207.00 fee-You can pay the day of the show or pre-pay Please confirm that date is available prior to purchasing

Additional guests:

26-50 kids $232.00  You can pay the day of the show or pre-pay  Please confirm that date is available prior to purchasing

51 to 100 kids $257.00  You can pay the day of the show or pre-pay  Please confirm that date is available prior to purchasing

100 + guests Check for pricing for your individual event. contact Penny:

Cash or Check or Credit  please make checks out to

Penny Walter if using credit an additional

$7.00 fee will be applied.

Outside the Portland Metro area, mileage costs may be added.

Please schedule as early as possible.

Suggested advance scheduling:

​Sunday-Friday parties, 5-6 weeks, Saturdays, 6-8+ weeks (though it never hurts to try).
​Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions.

Penny Walter, (503) 282-9207  or

Ted E. Bear’s Surprise  (30mins, Toddler, Pre K, Kindy, Family)

It’s Ted E. Bear’s birthday but no one is around to help him celebrate. Find out where his friends are and what they are up to. Join Frank the Mouse, Robin, and Donkey while they prepare for the big surprise.

Mother Goose on the Loose ( 35-mins, Toddler, Pre K, Kindy, Family)

We are ready to Celebrate with fun songs and dancing puppets and our special Guest Mother Goose, but Oh No! Mother Goose hit her head and can’t remember who she is. Help the puppets sing and dance and chase Mother Goose back to her old self. Fun for all ages.

The Princess and the Peanut (35mins, Pre K, Elementary, Family)

Princess Robin gets stuck in a rainstorm on her way to the library. She stops at the nearest castle for shelter. The queen of the castle lets her stay the night but is not convinced that Robin is a real princess. See what the queen does to find out!

Turtle and Rabbit ( 30mins Toddlers, Pre K, Kindy's, Family)

Rodney the Rabbit thinks he is the fastest animal around and is so busy exercising he never stops to eat, sleep or even make friends.Until the day Myrtle the Turtle challenges Rodney to a race. root for and sing along with your favorite character as the race unfolds.​​

Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar? (35mins, Pre K, Kindy, Elementary, Family)

Grandma makes a batch of her famous cookies for her granddaughter Robin, but every time Granny leaves the room and comes back a cookie ends up missing. Never fear, help is on the way Granny! Super Donkey is out to solve this mystery with clues left by the cookie thief.

Myrna The Mermaid and The Golden Key (45mins, All Ages)

On one of her daily dives Myrna the mermaid finds a golden key and a Treasure map. Join Myrna as she swims around the world trying to find clues to what the key unlocks. Go too far off lands, meet fun new friends and sing, laugh and dance in this nautical fun filled adventure.

Whiz Bang Boom Professor Gabby's in the Room (45mins, Pre K, Kindy, Elementary, Family)

Come and discover the many different sides of Science with the very excitable Professor Gabby. Science isn’t just beakers, test tubes and explosions. Everything you see and touch has a science behind it. From Animals to Dinosaurs, to what you eat and drink Professor Gabby will take you on a Science adventure you won’t soon forget. Get inspired to learn more from this musical Whiz, Bang of a Puppet Production!

Super Donkey believes that everyone has a super hero inside of them waiting to be discovered. So he builds a machine that will help his friends discover their superpowers. “Watch out Super Donkey” Vinnie the Villain wants to steal the Super Hero machine and make it his own. Come sing, laugh and discover the surprise ending to this heroic tale. An Original mini-musical puppet production by Penny’s Puppet Productions. *This is a good anti- bully show​​​

More Shows

Don’t see a show that will work? We have more choices for you for an additional $25.00 you can pick any show off of our mainlist.

 Or perhaps we can custom craft a show just for your event lets talk.

Cash or check (Checks made out to Penny Walter)

1-25 kids: 200.00            26- 50 kids: 225.00      50- 150 Kids: 250.00